He who does not travel does not know the value of men

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Who are we?

We are a gateway that allows you to book one or more nights in B&Bs in Italy, but instead of giving you only a room and breakfast, we get you 2 Mountain bikes so you can explore the area or move from a B&B to another, in case you booked more than one. Then you can leave the bikes in the last B&B without returning them.

We called ourselves Empathic Bike because the choice of your staying is also done according to your similarities with the B&B owner. You aren’t choosing a room, you’re choosing people.

How does it work?

  1. pick where do you want to go, either near or far
  2. pick your stop-overs along your route, you can design it: long, short, easy, difficult
  3. pick who is going to host you, Francesca, Beatrice, Mario…

Empathic Bike, before being travel philosophy, it’s a concept of the world …

  • A cleaner world, because we move by bike.
  • A world in which relationships are more important than places to visit.
  • A world in which you decide your baggage allowance, according to what you can bring.
  • A world in which your destination is not the end of your journey, but it is always a new beginning.
  • A world that gives you time to think, while you ride and a drop of sweat runs down your forehead.
  • A world made of people, simple, truthful and empathic people who welcome you with a hug.
  • A world which is also near your home, because you don’t have to go far to live wonderful experiences.
  • A world you will always bring with you.

How does it work?

  • Reach the first B&B (you can come by train, bus, car, etc.)
  • You will be welcomed (by Mario, Laura, Francesca, etc.) and they will give you your double room and 2 bikes.
  • Use them to visit the area and move to the next B&B.
  • When you move, remember to bring you backpack with all your stuff.
  • You can leave the bike in the last B&B (and you can leave by train, bus, car, etc.)
  • For the rest, do whatever you like to do: smile, discover, know, chat, etc…

What will you discover?

  • You’ll discover that the people met in empathic B&Bs are more important than the photos you took.
  • You’ll discover that you can perfectly live without your car.
  • You’ll discover the satisfaction in arriving at the B&B.
  • You’ll discover that in case of rain the satisfaction will be even greater.
  • You’ll discover that what you need fits in a small backpack.
  • You’ll discover to be stronger.

What will you think once at home?

  • That you don’t need to go far to live wonderful experiences.
  • That you’ve underestimated yourself and next time you’ll do longer routes.
  • That you cannot live without this kind of travelling.
  • That next time you will come by train, leaving the car at home.
  • And lots of other things that only you know….


We will never write things like “Hurry up! Last room”, or “This structure was booked three hours ago”, or again “Another person is looking at this B&B”, like other well-known agents do.

We care about saying that: all the B&Bs are family run and so they have few rooms (an average from 1 to 3 rooms). This is the reason why we truly believe in a homely and hearty welcome, in human relationships that only small B&Bs can give.

What we are NOT and what we ARE

We are NOT tour operators and we are NOT a travel agency.

We are a group of B&Bs that believes in cycling holidays and allows anybody to travel in this way. This is why we bought some bikes and we are united in small groups in different Italian areas.

We’ve got four different price options: 60/75/90/105 euros.

We don’t ask for any deposit; you pay directly at the arrival at the B&B. If you book more than one B&B, you’ll pay each one what you owe them.

Please don’t cancel just because you’re afraid of black clouds and a little rain shower, you’ll do greater experiences under the rain. Of course, you can cancel anytime for important and serious reasons and without paying any fee.

For us it is all about relationships and about trust in people. We don’t take deposit, pay down, credit card to guarantee etc. we only need your word, which is way more important (are we naive? Yes, we are. Are we dreamers? Yes, indeed. And we want to keep going).

We give you 2 bikes per room, use them to explore and to move around, but remember that we are not supplying any assistance.

Keep in mind that we are people, not only rooms and breakfasts. We own B&Bs because we like getting to know the people we welcome.



What is Empathic B&B?

We are a platform that allows Empathic B&B to gather and create areas where you can offer B&Bs tour, cycling excursions etc. So B&Bs give rooms and breakfast and information about what to do, see, go etc... The bikes are generally mountain bikes, but according to the territory you could find other types, more adapt to explore that area and move from one B&B to another. B&Bs are the main actors in the development of cycling holidays in their areas and they are completely self-efficient and independent. The gateway Empathic Bike is not a tour operator, it’s only an internet platform where B&Bs and travellers can meet. We don’t take any deposits and pay down. You pay directly the B&B when you arrive there. People joined Empathic Bike because they believe in our values, because: “Empathic Bike is a world concept before being a travel philosophy”.


What are Empathic B&Bs?

They are B&B that believe that the most important things are relationships, putting people first. Stop and have a chat with your host, listen to his or her stories, tell your own, bring home new friends, take less photos, switch off the mobile and get in contact with the people you meet.


How does empathic Bike work?

It is very simple:

Choose your destination among the ones in the list.

Choose your stop-overs, pick your departure place and add your stop-overs in the B&B. The route can be either long or short, a difficult or easy one. You can take our suggested paths, already set for you by B&Bs (you can find them in the “Paths” area) or you can build your own. Verify distances and, above all, the difference in height. If you aren’t in a very good shape, it’s better to go downhill, or if you’re very fit, you can do it the other way around.

Choose your host: Francesca, Beatrice, Mario... This B&B circuit is about Empathic B&Bs because they put relationships first. In fact, you would choose according to the profile of your host. Look if you have the same interests, hobbies, what films he or she likes, what book he or she reads, etc. Choose following your affinities and similarities.

When you need to decide your first stop-over, you can pick only among B&Bs with bikes available. From the second stop-over on, you can choose among a greater number of B&Bs. This is because only a part of our B&Bs supply bikes and the other are intermediate stop-overs or final destinations.

Once you put in all your stop-overs in your “cart”, you will only need a click to confirm them all. You will get a confirmation email from all the booked B&Bs, check if you received them all. In your personal area you will find a recap of all your bookings.

If you have any problem with your bookings, please contact the B&B involved.


What does the distance between a B&B and another mean?

Pay attention! It indicates an approximate distance, that does not represent the street distance or the distance in a cycle lane. Verify in the info about the paths, how far are the B&Bs and what is the difference in height (downhill and hill).


Why is the B&B list for the first stop-over short, while in the stop-over one there are more B&Bs available?

Because only some B&B supply bikes, while others are available only as intermediate stop-over or final destination.


What does it mean, if I can’t find any departure B&Bs in a certain area?

It means that there aren’t B&Bs providing you with bikes. Try and modify your departure date or contact directly the B&Bs supplying bikes, so you will know their availability.


How many people can book simultaneously?

The service is meant only for 2 people (double room), so multiples of two are always in double rooms.


Can I book a room with children?

In this moment you can do it directly with Empathic Bike, but if you are interested and you bring your own children bikes, you can contact the B&Bs to book a room with children and bikes only for adults. If there’s availability there’s no problem, it is only a bit more complex than doing it through the website.


What does an Empathic Bike booking comprehend?

It comprehends a double room with two bikes. For now, it is only designed for couples and not for families. For each stop-over you will be given breakfast, bikes and a lot of info on what to do, where to go and what to see...


What type of bike will I get?

It depends on the area you choose to visit. There are Mountain bikes, Trekking bikes and racing bikes and E-bikes as well. Each area has its own type of bike. The majority has got Mountain Bikes though.


Is there any type of assistance?

No! It is in autonomy. For example, if you have a flat tyre along the path, it’s up to you change it or mend it. If it rains, wait for it to stop or go ahead and take a shower. If you get lost, you need to find the right one…c’mon: you need to sort it out on your own, because we are not a tour operator, going hand in hand with you, we let you free to explore, to live your experiences to the fullest! Anyway, keep in mind that when you reach your destination, you will find friendly people welcoming you with a hug, ready to listen to you, share with you stories and providing you a clean room, a hot shower, a piece of advice on where to have dinner and the next morning a good breakfast. Because this is the spirit behind Empathic Bike; face your difficulties on your own, but please remember that there are friendly people there to understand and help you out. Obviously, we have done the worst examples possible, and we are sure that everything will be fine: you will find your way (with you smartphone it is impossible to get lost), you won’t have a flat tyre (the bikes are new), the weather will be wonderful even if it rains (because good weather is a state of mind).


How do I move my luggage form one B&B to another?

Pack everything you need in a backpack. You will learn how to bring only the things you need and to leave at home the unnecessary. Bring your helmet with you and a water bottle. Some B&Bs have helmets available, please check before leaving.


What do I do, if I have problems with my booking and I don’t get my confirmation email only form one of the B&Bs, while the others yes?

Please contact directly the B&B interested, explain that yours is an Empathic Bike booking. If the missing B&B confirms via mail your booking, you won’t find it in your personal area called “my bookings”, but it is confirmed nonetheless. If there is no solution, try in one of the B&Bs nearby...


What can I do, if I want to cancel a booking?

Please contact directly the B&B, explaining your reasons and your impossibility to undertake the tour. We don’t make you pay any penalties, but please inform us as soon as possible, and if you are afraid of the weather, please remember that the strongest experiences are the one done under the rain (the important fact is that there is no cloud burst).


How can I pay?

You will pay directly at the B&B.


Can I book only a B&B or is it necessary to book and entire tour?

Of course, you can! In this case you will use bikes only to explore the area.


Can I book, if I am only interested in the B&Bs, but not in the bikes, which I do not use?

Of course, even if it better to book with www.Embnb.it, where you can find way more B&Bs (including the ones of Empathic Bike). Do not worry they all share the same philosophy about relationships and empathy.


What is the aim of Empathic Bike?

The aim is introducing to cycle tourism even people who don’t know it yet or believe that this type of tourism is only for trained people. We try to combine familiar hospitality and bikes in order to spread a slow tourism, with a low environmental impact, but that it is also about relationships. We also try to give local B&Bs opportunities to develop their own area in complete autonomy and to let people discover their territories.


Contact us

Are you a traveller?

If you need more information about your stay, changes, requests you must contact directly the B&B staff.

For anything else such as requests, info, suggestions or anything just out of curiosity, please contact me at fabio@embnb.it. I’ll wait for your mails.


Do you run a B&B?

This is a collaborative project, so we’re eagerly waiting for you mails for info, suggestions or simply to request an appointment (we come to your B&B to tell you our idea). So, if you already fancy our philosophy and want to jump on board, contact me at the address fabio@embnb.it.


Fabio, EmBnb.it

Empathic S.r.l.s.
VAT: 02461320034
Bellinzago Novarese, Novara, Italy