He who does not travel does not know the value of men

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Our idea

EmBnB (shortening of Empathic BnB) directly refers to empathy, the ability to fully understand one’s feelings.


What we believe in:

  • We believe in the beauty of people and their stories
  • We believe that actions speak louder than words
  • We believe in fair prices (so that they can make happy both owners both tourists)
  • We believe in relationships between people


So, what do we actually do?

We give you the possibility to pick a B&B on the base of the similarities you have with the owner and you can do it simply looking though the owner’s profile.

  • The review consists in a pic of you and the owner, a simple gesture that speaks volumes.
  • We’ve only got three prices: a room at 60, 75 or 90 euros per night for each B&B.
  • To book you don’t need neither deposit nor credit cards, We trust you!
  • You can reserve a room and have all the information needed just writing directly to the B&Bs.


We combine new technologies with old and beloved values, so...

  • You can book a room within few clicks (we are much quicker than hotel’s booking site)
  • You have an instant confirmation (you won’t wait to know if a room is available)
  • 1 click is all you need to add extra services offered by the B&B owners
  • So, while main booking sites are based on fares and destinations, we value people, relationships and human experiences.
  • We’re building a network for people, so they can be in touch before, during and after their stay.


The goal of EmBnB is:

  • To requalify and spread B&B philosophy and culture.
  • To get away from hotel tourism.
  • To make people understand that B&B isn’t a synonym of low cost hotel, but a completely different way of travelling.
  • To support the efforts of B&B owners.
  • To develop a tourism made of relationships.
  • To simplify the encounter of supply and demand.
  • To promote a sustainable tourism.
  • To improve the relationship between owners and guests, encouraging the encounter of people alike.
  • To make tourists responsible for the use of a B&B.


On EmBnB you’ll find:

  • Rooms at 60, 75 or 90 euros, including room, breakfast and Wi-Fi connection.


Ok, but how does it work?

out our FAQ section.


Hey! Do you run a B&B?

Well, here are few words to get how Embnb works.

Our main feature is to change the booking approach, not based anymore on locations and facilities, but focused on people (the true value of a B&B stay).

Tourists can pick the B&B owner they fancy through the profile picture (which is the first thing you see on a B&B’s profile).

Our goal is to help people getting in touch with each other; travellers and B&B owners!


Other reasons to join in

  • It’s innovative
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s entirely designed for B&Bs
  • It’s free


You may wonder, why the name EmBnB?

It stands for "Empathic B&B" and it refers to the concept of empathy, the ability to fully understand one’s feelings and moods. This is why your profile pics shouldn’t be smiley and nice at all costs, but they should mirror who you are in that moment. The same can be said of your quotes and lines: they should represent you. Obviously you can change them easily and whenever you like (e.g. You’re thoughtful? Why don’t you post a picture of yourself in that mood?).

Truth is what matters to us.


Got it, but... how does it work?

Subscribed B&Bs post their profile consisting of:

  • A pic of themselves or one of the whole family
  • Up to 5 interests or passions
  • A sentence to describe their philosophy (e.g. a line from a poem or a song)
  • A more detailed bio of themselves ( beware: not based on the facilities but on YOURSELF)
  • A B&B’s description
  • A selection of Tags (small icons under the owner’s name) to describe the B&B (feel free to suggest other tags, we’ll add them)
  • Offered services (whether free or not)


Ok, but what’s your goal?

  • To develop a tourism made of relationships (not promos and reviews).
  • To requalify B&B experience (because, let’s face it, B&Bs aren’t simply a low cost version of hotels)
  • Simplify the encounter of supply and demand (tourists and owners interact directly, we only give them a website to do it).
  • To make booking quicker (booking with EmBnB is quicker than hotel’s booking sites).
  • We want to invest on the greatest heritage our country can offer: Italian people.



  • A fixed price simplifies and makes booking incredibly quicker.
  • The B&B choice, based on the owner’s profile, has another advantage: it leads to the B&B guests compatible with the owner.
  • Booking with EmBnB is way faster than other booking sites for hotels.
  • The awareness of a fixed and fair price make the guest want to come back.

Now tourists know that they can reserve a B&B room at the incredible price of 60 euros:

  • Choosing the B&B through similarities with owners;
  • Using all types of devices (pc, smartphone, tablet, etc.);
  • Whenever they want (even last minute);
  • With a few clicks;
  • Without credit cards.


Few simple rules

B&Bs can subscribe only if they fully agree with our B&B philosophy, based on people, relationships and warm welcomes (which in the end is the original idea behind the whole B&B experience).

The B&Bs that either act like hotels or have as main goal of selling rooms will be banned from the site (obviously we don’t accept subscriptions from guesthouses, landlords, hotels and all facilities apart from B&Bs).

Free Subscription: The subscription to the site is free. There won’t be any fee for the whole first year. There’s no obligation for the following years.

Fares: On this site all rooms have only three prices: 60, 75 or 90 euros. This includes room, breakfast and WiFi.

Children: We consider children kids from 2 to 12 years old (e.g. room 2 adults + 1 child). Under 2 years old they are considered babies (e.g. 2 adults room).

Reviews: Guests can review your B&B only posting a pic with you, done on the last day of their stay (normally showing how much they like the service with a handshake, a hug, etc.).

Reservation: If you confirm your availability on the room calendar, you’ll receive a confirmation of availability to book. You’ll see the reservation with all the guests’ data on your personal area. If you don’t give your availability, you’ll receive a mail with the reservation and you’ll have to answer directly to guests.

Payment: You will be paid directly by the guests (e.g. 60 euros).

Advertising: Our site doesn’t have banners or other types of advertising.


A Frequent Question: How much does all this cost?
Obviously it’s free for the first year. Then, we’re still working on it. We’re pondering a base fee of 3 euros per room a year with a max of 79 euros a year (but it’s work in progress). It will be up to you to decide what’s best: you’ve got a whole year to try out our site for free (until November 2016).


Contact us, we need you!

This is a collective project, so we are waiting for your mails for more info, suggestions, or for an appointment (we come to your B&B to tell you our idea).

So, if you already fancy our philosophy and want to jump on board, write me at the address fabio@embnb.it.



What does EmBnB mean?

is the shortening of EmpathicBnB and it refers directly to empathy, the ability to fully understand one’s feelings (check out "Our idea" section).


How does it work?

Pick a B&B on the base of your similarities with the owner:

  • You can find their names and pictures
  • You can find their hobbies, passions, interests
  • You can find their motto, philosophy (expressed in a quote, a line from a poem, a song or a movie etc.)
  • Obviously you can also find a description of the facilities and the owners themselves.

B&Bs offer three kinds of rooms:

At 60 euros per night, including breakfast and WiFi;
At 75 euros per night, including breakfast and WiFi;
At 90 euros per night, including breakfast and WiFi;


Rooms can be instantly available, this means you can book them within 3 clicks with an immediate confirmation of your reservation; or on request, so you need to send in a request to check availability. The B&B will answer it.


Are you interested in a room with “INSTANT AVAILABILITY”?

  1. Put in your destination, date and guest number (we consider children kids from 2 to 12 years old; under 2 years they are considered babies).
  2. Pick a B&B on the base of your similarities with the owner and the type of the room (60, 75 or 90 euros).
  3. Click on “Book” and then “Confirm your booking” after including your name and phone number.

Now the only thing you need to is start your journey! You’ll receive a mail with the booking detail. You can also see them on your personal area.


Instead, if you want a room “ON REQUEST”:

  1. Put in your destination, date and guest number (we consider children kid from 2 to 12 years old).
  2. Pick a B&B on the base of your similarities with the owner and the type of room (60, 75 or 90 euros).
  3. Click on “Request availability” and then click again after including your name and phone number.
  4. Wait for a confirmation from the B&B.

You’ll receive a mail from the B&B either confirming your request or cancelling it (if you receive a confirmation, you won’t find in on your personal area).


Who do I need to contact for info, changes or cancellations etc.?

For further information on your reservation, please contact directly the B&B at the mail address or phone number specified on their profile.


I’ve booked a room “on request” but I haven’t received a reply yet. What should I do?

Write directly to the B&B via mail or make phone call.


The B&B confirmed a room “on request” but there’s no confirmation on my personal area. Is it ok?

Don’t worry. It’s ok. Room “on request” are confirmed by each B&B via mail, so you won’t find it on your personal area (only “instantly available” rooms are shown there).


What is the age range for a child to be considered so?

From 2 to 12 years old of age.


What guest number should I put if we are 2 adults and a baby under 2 years of age?

Only two adults, so 2.


How do I know if the B&B has got a cradle for a baby under 2 years old?

  1. You can find this info in the area “add a service”.
  2. You can read if the service is available in the B&B description.
  3. You can ask directly to the B&B contacting it before booking.


What guest number should I put if we are 2 adults and a 10 years old child?

2 adults + 1 child.


How can I cancel a reservation?

Write a mail directly to the B&B. If the departure date is approaching, maybe it’s better to call.


Where can I find check-in and check-out hours?

Generally they are posted on the B&B profiles, but you should contact the B&B to arrange them.



The search page shows the distance between your destination and the B&B. If there’s no B&B within max 50 km from the place put in, the results are 0.


Are the prices fixed for every day of the year and every season?

Yes, indeed they are! There are three types of fares: 60, 75 or 90 euros per night (including breakfast and WiFi).


How and when do I pay for my stay?

At the B&B and directly to the B&B owner (contact them for more details on payment methods)


Are extra services confirmed or do I need to wait for a confirmation?

Extra services are always confirmed! (B&B put in only services they can guarantee)


What are Tags? (little coloured icons under the B&B owner’s profile picture)

They are the little icons you see below. The identify some of the B&B’s features. They have different meanings and categories. They can be services offered by the B&B (e.g. free bikes), identify the its philosophy (e.g. energetically self-sufficient), signal who is welcome (e.g. biker friendly), hobbies (e.g. extreme sports), spoken languages etc... Obviously for each B&B the meaning could be different (it can refer to the owner who practises extreme sports or to the B&B who is located in an area where these sports are practised).


Do I need credit cards or deposit in order to book?

Definitely not! All you need is your word. Put in your data (name, mail address and phone number). We believe a handshake is more valueable than credit cards. That’s how we see B&B stays.


Contact us

Are you a traveller?

If you need more information about your stay, changes, requests you must contact directly the B&B staff.

For anything else such as requests, info, suggestions or anything just out of curiosity, please contact me at fabio@embnb.it. I’ll wait for your mails.


Do you run a B&B?

This is a collaborative project, so we’re eagerly waiting for you mails for info, suggestions or simply to request an appointment (we come to your B&B to tell you our idea). So, if you already fancy our philosophy and want to jump on board, contact me at the address fabio@embnb.it.


Fabio, EmBnb.it

Empathic S.r.l.s.
VAT: 02461320034
Bellinzago Novarese, Novara, Italy